Valerie’s Passionate Short Stories: For the Love of Him by Valerie Martini


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Valerie’s Passionate Short Stories “ For The Love of Him” is about dreams and fantasies. It is about making love in the ultimate sense of the word. These stories will lead your imaginations to the unknown. You will feel the love from each of the characters. You can put yourself into the story, and perceive what your own sexual desires are, or what can be.

She is asleep in her bed. The French doors are open only to feel the fresh air coming through. The doors open into her room where she was looking out the night before. The beautiful suns’ ray shine brightly into her room. As she opens her eyes, she knows she was dreaming. She cries
for her only love. She knows she can never find true love again. She then instantly hears the beautiful serenade. She hears it as if it is right in the next room. The mysterious guitar singing to her in her dreams. Am I still asleep? Am I awake? Afraid to face fact, she slowly removes the white sheer covers from her and puts her feet to the floor. She stands and slowly
goes out to the balcony. She looks around only to find a red rose lying on the marble wall where her true love had climbed up to meet her in her dreams. Picking up the rose, she smells the scent of her true love. Her heart beating fast, she slowly walks to the edge of the balcony, slower she moves and looks towards the meadow and she…


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