The Devil’s Virus in Chief (Peter Abrahams)


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A BELIEVER ARRIVES in a Marble Arch store in central London to buy what can be used to kill Covid. He finds himself in the company of a socialist shop assistant who dislikes the government intensely because of what it allowed Covid to do to his grandmother. All the Believer wants is to kill Covid because he has a guest trapped in one part of London because of Covid. He has three other guests trapped in another part of the city because of Covid. One of his best friends is critically ill and at the point of death in hospital because of Covid. His business and only source of income is not making any money and could collapse because of Covid. Should his business collapse a mission to Glastonbury that could help rescue hundreds of millions of people trapped in a living hell will be put in jeopardy, Will it be a happy ending or yet another total disaster brought about by cruel Covid?


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