Killers of The True Holy War (Peter Abrahams)


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BEFORE THE CREATION of this world there was another world. In that world lived a creature that became known as The Devil. Every world has a key holder. And the key holder is endowed with all the talents needed to understand and control all things and all resources in its environment. When God finished creating the Earth, the devil went to Him and asked to be made its key holder. God refused the request on the grounds that He had already decided to give keys of the Earth to his new creation, Adam, and his descendants.

The devil was upset by the decision, and the devil vowed to fight God and Adam and all of Adam’s descendants to the bitter end. From then on the human heart became a battleground for control of the Earth. Whatever takes control of the heart of man will take the Earth. A battle between Beauty and Ugliness and Justice and Injustice thus ensued, with each vying to take control of the Heart of Man: Beauty will tell the heart one thing then Ugliness will turn up and tell the heart another. Justice will tell the Heart one thing then Injustice will turn up and tell the heart another. Little by little, the battle swung firmly in favour of Ugliness and Injustice. And it became common sight for men, women and children to be slaughtered in villages, towns and cities around the world in the name of religion. Ugliness and Injustice seemed to be on the way to victory.

Then a soul from another world emerged and started helping Beauty and Justice. With him came a little brother and a treasure that can swing the battle decisively back in favour of Beauty and Justice. The devil came to know about the brothers and the treasure and a brutal tactical battle ensued. The devil wants to either steal the treasure or kill the little brother or both; knowing without the treasure or the little one the battle cannot be swung back in favour of Beauty and Justice.

The little one finds himself in the company of three British girls in London who will play their parts in this battle for control of the Earth.


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