Who was Dustin Thomas? (Patrick Browning)


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Hi, I’m Pat Browning. I’m proud you chose to ride along with me a little way. My whole life has been spent cowboying, except for two brief moments when I thought I’d try something else awhile. Both attempts were fairly successful but completely unfulfilling. Once you’ve made your living horseback, everything else seems a little dull. As this goes to the publisher, I am running a large cow ranch with two divisions here in Arizona. I wrote this story while I was running another ranch down near the Mexican border. The truth of the matter is, I not only cowboy because I love life, it’s just about the only thing I’m really fit to do. Not being nearly smart enough to work in one of these computerized hamburger joints, and still having too much self-respect and pride to enter politics, cowboying is about all that’s left for me. Many parts of this tale are true, with just enough storyline and pure bullshit added, to hopefully make this tale interesting to a wider demographic of readers. On the advice and insistence of a dear friend of mine, who happens to be an attorney, the following disclaimer is included here; This story is being presented as fiction. Any similarity or resemblance to any place, event, or person, either living or deceased is absolutely coincidental and unintentional and should be taken as such. If you enjoy one of the characters and feel a kinship with them, feel free to tell your friends I was writing about you. I’ll not dispute your claim. If, however, you think you recognize yourself in a character and are not pleased with my depiction of said character, please remember this is fiction. I’m writing about some other asshole. You may find the language just a little strong at times. I assure you now, with the exception of a little of this cowboy corral vernacular, this volume contains nothing inappropriate of a sexual, violent, or vulgar nature. It should not offend any, but possibly, the most delicate of readers. With all of that said, please take a deep seat and get a good hold on the reins and enjoy the ride.


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