YOUR OWN PEOPLE Part 3 by Nick Ochere


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At seventy-two years, Maame Nkansaa thought she had outlived her usefulness due to poverty but her circumstances turned around when her daughter, Hagar, started serving Joe and Evelyn faithfully and sincerely. Hagar was an elementary school dropout yet she became the wife of a medical doctor. Her brother, Kofi Sarpong, also dropped out of secondary school due to hard times and went to live at Teshie with some of his friends where people saw them as good-for-nothing but he never let go of his dream. When he was employed by Joe, he built a library for the school children of Diasempa.

Kofi Sarpong’s project inspired the youth of Diasempa to start the rehabilitation of Osubeng. Sadly, the Chief of Diasempa and his elders refused to support them and this led to great tension between the youth and the occupants of the palace. Kwadwo also took it upon himself to develop Trudu Waterfall as a tourist attraction but he needed financial support.
Meanwhile, when Koomotey escaped from Afikpo, he stayed in an abandoned hut in the bush where eight bars of gold and two pistols were hidden but he did not find them. During that period, Auntie Cornie operated as a prostitute in Nigeria while her people sought for her to refute Serwaa’s accusation of setting the trap for Joe.

When Kofi Sarpong was having hard times at Teshie, a girl called Tina helped him and his friends a lot so when his circumstances improved he went to show his appreciation to Tina but he was told she had gone to look after her sick mother at Kwabeng. After helping to restore Tina’s mother’s health, Kofi proposed to her. Tina accepted the proposal but the actions of her cousin, Takyiwaa and the inactions of her uncle Apeadu were becoming an impediment.


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