Year of the Rahku Rabbit: Book One Training the Mage


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Mage R’Jana’s world is in danger. Her companion, the Great Mage Riion, sent his assistant to a world called Earth to find help. On Earth Gabriel is considered a lowly rabbit. But Gabriel is a mage. And he must find help.

He finds a mere girl, Skye, who has the ability to learn Rahku. Rahku is a scientific ability to manipulate dimensions. Was it a stroke of luck or destiny that her friends show promise of Rahku talent, too?

Takoda has the dexterity of a warrior. Craig has a photographic artistic talent, and Sachi has a unique and valuable verbal ability.

Can R’Jana, Gabriel, Skye, and her friends save R’Jana’s planet and Earth from the Evil that threatens them? And these students must save the world, while on a field trip to Vienna, Austria.
Complicating the problem, they must keep their teachers and fellow students in the dark about Rahku, the Rabbit, and a Russian spy!


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