A JOURNEY ENDED: A Grant Lake Story Book 4 by Rachel Lowenstein


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Come meet the people of Grant Lake, Colorado. Fall in love with them as they find a home, learn love is often nothing like you expected, discover hidden secrets and a family, and solve a murder…or thirty.

Grant County Sherriff’s Department’s Deputy Buttercup Byrne has been teamed up with an FBI Profiler. Their task is to stop the Special K Serial Killer as he terrorizes Grant Lake and the surrounding communities. Byrne, Special Agent Gabriel Fuimaono, and his American Sign Language Interpreter/Profiling partner, Marcus Berlanger, struggle to find clues where there are none.

Despite a rocky start, sparks fly between the Deputy and the standoffish Fuimaono. Soon, they are spending more than their days together.

When the Special K Killer zeros in on one of their own, Byrne and Fuimaono race the clock to save their friend and work to keep their budding relationship from imploding.


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