Winning is Good: Matt and the General Stories by Harry Katzan Jr.


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This book is a novel that was written solely for entertainment. The characters, places and events are all the product of the author’s imagination. Of course, events and places with the same name, do in fact, exist but not necessarily in the manner given. Those entities are created to serve the plot of the story. For example, the purchase of a residence in Switzerland by a foreigner and the operation of a Russian air base are totally for enjoyment.

Most of the included information on viruses and related phenomena are essentially true, but possibly out of date in some cases.

The team consisting of Matt, the General, Ashley, Amelia, and Anna does not exist in real life, except by an extreme coincidence.

The flights of the General’s Gulfstream 650 are a bit exaggerated but could actually happen. The manner in which money is disbursed is not at all true and used for entertainment,

The author would like to thank his wife Margaret for helping with the manuscript.

This book adheres to the author’s policy of no sex, no violence, and no bad language.


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