Walls and Gates: A Devotional Study of the Book of Nehemiah


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We are products of what we allow into our lives, either for good or bad. We are flooded by images and sounds and their associated emotional reactions. We are influenced by our relationships and environment. As believers we need effective walls to keep us from being overwhelmed by our culture and the trials and tribulations of life. We need strong, guarded gates to control what we let in.

Walls and Gates contain a series of devotional thoughts for evaluating the effectiveness of our personal walls and gates based on the Book of Nehemiah. It covers the rebuilding of the walls and gates of Jerusalem and Nehemiah’s actions in restoring the people spiritually.

Each devotional thought contains a description of Nehemiah’s actions and their relevance today. At the conclusion of each thought is a related New Testament scripture and thought-provoking questions. In easily grasped, yet stimulating devotions, Les Tripp challenges the disciple to maintain effective barriers to Satan’s attacks and filter out distractions and interference. He points to the role of faith in guarding one’s spiritual journey.

As you progress through these devotions, be prepared to:

– Be challenged to form effective spiritual walls and gates.
– Appreciate insights into Nehemiah’s leadership.
– Explore the actions and events of restoring the walls and gates in terms of your own personal spiritual journey and ministry.
– Be engaged in developing spiritual protection against the world, the flesh and the devil.


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