Strong and Courageous: A Devotional for Men in the Battle


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God made men to be a great many things: sons, brothers, husbands, leaders, protectors-the list could go on and on. Is it any wonder that the overwhelmed man may experience discouragement, doubt, and despair in these troubled times? With so many roles and so much expected of men, where can they go to find the necessary strength and encouragement to be all God has intended?

Strong and Courageous is a framework for evaluating one’s personal spiritual journey and ministry in relation to the life of Joshua.

Each devotional thought contains a description of the actions taken by Joshua and the Israelites, an application to contemporary life, and questions concerning one’s walk with the Lord and disciplemaking ministry. There is also a concluding, related New Testament scripture, as well as the disciple’s response. In easily-digestible, yet thought-provoking devotions, Les Tripp covers the qualities of discipleship, the role of faith in accomplishing God-given tasks, overcoming obstacles in men’s lives and ministry, and more.

As you progress through these devotions, be prepared to:

– Be challenged to grow as a man of God and encourage others to engage in a productive relationship with the Lord.
– Enjoy insights into Joshua’s life as a leader of men.
– Explore the actions and events of Joshua in terms of your own personal spiritual journey and ministry.
– Be engaged in the battle for the souls of men.


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