Love Is a WORD: Part 1 – First Love by Joe Floyd


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Love is a WORD
A Novel

Dawn is a young Black woman, living in Miami, Florida. She meets Henry, a defense lawyer, at the courthouse, after she had been arrested by the FBI for the murder of a lead gangster’s nephew. Henry is a West Point grad, who was injured during the Vietnam war and was forced to retire from the Army during the early 70s. Their meeting was almost love at first sight. She was searching for the meaning of love in her life, as she tries to maintain her strong Christian values.

Over time, the story traces through many of the hundreds of definitions for the word, love. As Henry and Dawn’s journey through many of life’s conflicts they must deal not only with Dawn’s murder charges, they are constantly confronted with serious, life-threatening situations such as the revengeful bad guys, plus the drug scene, gun violence and nasty sex. So, even though this book has been rated, “R”, for its violence and adult situations, it deals with some very serious real-life issues that cannot be just casually swept under an old rug, as if it never happens.

The storyline shows, in great detail, how Henry’s relationship with Dawn turns out to be an eventful fight for survival of not only their relationship, but literally for their lives. Henry proves his love for Dawn as he uses military skills, he learned from West Point and the Army, in addition to experiences he learned from his best friend, Alex, a retired Navy officer who was a Navy grad. Together, Alex and Henry look out for each other like brothers. The storyline is full of different types of love, action and surprises. So, the search for what love is…is on.


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