SAVING THE SOUL (Jovanić Goran)


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The novel is a deep trace of a mad civil war in which the main character is drawn in as a young and still undeveloped man. He is in the cauldron of people from which he jumps out thanks to being wounded on the front line. He is saved from death by the warm words of a girl who dedicated her love letters and songs to him a few years earlier. The naivety of that relationship, which takes on nothing of the qualities of real love, carries it and keeps it from shrapnel and death. In that puddle of war, two dramas intersect, the primordial love and the real, shameless war love.

Goran Jovanić’s first novel is a work of warrior confession and love story; a work of warm and strong texture, sharp sentences, and recognizable compositions, and, finally, a work that exudes the noise of our contemporaries, the storms of our time. From the call to war, through the darkness and trauma of the battlefield itself, wounds in battle, military hospitals, love messengers and father’s calls – all the way back to Belgrade, home and birth city – there is a torrent of stories, seemingly simple, and essentially a fateful Hemingway story it reveals to us the face and appearance of the whirlwind of war and the subjective vortex “At the bottom of the darkness of my heart”. – Milosav Buca Mirkovic

Saving the soul is at the same time the discovery of a new name and face of the young author that rules the skill and destiny of writing, which will attract readers of all generations, because the path taken by the heroes of this prose is destined together, inevitable and invisible. – Nada Bojić


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