Don’t Cry for Me, Aunt Tina by Steve Wrixon Russell


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The tale of an orphaned girl’s journey. Abandoned as a four-year-old in 1947, post war London. Trish and her younger sister Debbie are adopted by an Anglican Minister and his wife in an English village. When fate deals the sisters another blow, the village postmistress, Aunt Tina, an enlightened, independent woman takes them under her wing, becoming their mentor. We follow the twists and turns of Trish’s life, her naivety and culture shock as a new arrival in swinging sixties London. The highs and lows of her romances. Her mistakes, her struggles with the establishment bent on holding back an ambitious, intelligent woman. Who is determined to forge her career as a lawyer, fight discrimination, and smash the inevitable glass ceiling. Can one woman do it in a what was a man’s world. Was she a product of the times or a pioneer?


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