Blessings of The Father: Book One – The Ties That Bind by Mitch Reed





Most of us fantasize about buying a dream house or a vacation, and some simply want to impress others. Many have actually blown their lottery winnings within three years and then return to their own comfortable level of complacency and regret.

Mitch drew mostly on his actual experiences. Blessings of the Father is truly a story about a frog who dreamed of being a king, and then became one.

In his story, he fell in love at age fifteen while performing in the Hollywood High School choir, where he met a beautiful and talented young girl at a competition in faraway England. He studied, and became a renowned chef at a major theme park. He married his childhood sweetheart in London. Then he flew back to Las Vegas to begin a chain of successful restaurants. His new bride was compelled to remain behind and manage the charitable affairs of her recently deceased mother. He had no idea that she was doing this while battling cancer and raising their twin sons.

As he returns to England, we discover all that she was shielding him from, in order to allow him to focus on growing his business. He now has many restaurants, several planes, millions of dollars, and a very successful business. Here he learns that with all that, it still takes something more in order to be happy. He is challenged with becoming an instant single father, and refocusing his goals and priorities around them.

What would you do?

Find out. Come and meet a family you won’t regret falling in love with.


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