Never Alone (Rose McClammy)


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For many years, I dreamed of writing a book. During that time, it was going to be this fairy-tale quality about me and some relatives with an unrealistic, happy ending where everybody was magically transformedpoofinto perfect people with no more problems. I repeata fairy tale. Some of the names in this story are fictional. This story is meant to encourage the readers. You are never alone. God is only a prayer away. He is standing by. He is knocking and waiting if you want to let him in. He wants a relationship with you, but he wont force it.

The romantic in me still loves a fairy tale with a happy ending, but I am older and wiser and knows thats not always how life goes. I have learned that we are all imperfect, flawed human beings and that life deals us each different blows. God allows sad things to happen to everyone. The amount of money we have does not exclude us from painful things. We all suffer hurt; loss of a child, a spouse, or parents; divorce; fatal illnesses; and other problems that incur during our lifetime. These are the lessons of life. This is the story of the life of a person I choose to call Cullodena Adaira. These are her experiences, growth, and maturity.