Skeleton’s in My Closet (Carmen E. Alston)


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What does a girl have to do, to get some satisfaction on freak-mode? Desta, Moena and Alaina are all successful businesswomen, dominating the leading roles of their lives. All they need is time to separate themselves from reality. Time to fulfill the lustful desires of their lady ‘poom-poom’. Getting a man wasn’t the problem, finding one that had all of the qualifications needed in order to be the chosen one was.
Desta (Red Bleeding Heart) It’s her way or NO way. She must lead the pack and stay away from the ‘F’ word… If only she could decide …
Moena (Blue Bleeding Heart) Charismatic and adventurous… be in the right place at the right time. She owns their hungry lustful minds …
Alaina (White Bleeding Hearts) Put it where it’s supposed to be… Anticipation kills the wild kitty cat
Death and body greed plays a serious part in the decisions that will have to be made by Alaina’s parent or parents that cannot be seen. The mental capacity of life happenings grow more serious and deceitful as love drops in and out of the BFF’s desire for sexual greed, while creating Skeleton’s in their Closet.