A JOURNEY REIMAGINED: A Grant Lake Story Book 2 by Raj Lowenstein


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Come meet the people of Grant Lake, Colorado. Fall in love with them as they find a home, learn love is often nothing like you expected, discover secrets hidden, and solve a murder…or six. Sarah Kravitz always did what she needed to do. She raised three children to be healthy, happy, and successful adults. She runs a thriving business, Sarah’s Hamburger Joint, and cares for her family and friends but does little for herself. A cancer diagnosis and treatment have left fifty-six-year-old Sarah with a new lease on life and a new perspective on her world.

Dr. Albert Petersen has returned to Grant Lake. He reminds Sarah that when he was seven, and she was twenty, little Albert asked Sarah to marry him. Sarah promised she would when she was no longer married. Thirty-six years later, Dr. Petersen will work to make sure Sarah keeps her promise.

Sometimes doing what your heart wants is more complicated than you can imagine…sometimes it’s not difficult at all!


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