The Slave Girl: from Africa. by Dr. Navin Vibhakar


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Ayesha. A victim of a slave trade in Africa. A young, innocent school girl of a tender age, gets caught by a henchman of the Sultan in Zanzibar Island at East Coast of Africa. Bought by a slave trader, a well-known in that period and was sold in bazaar of Basra-Iraq. By that time was raped by three persons and by a captor in Iraq. What a mental trauma she went thru at that tender age? Her life was shattered, lost all hopes of life and—-a messiah like a silver line on a dark cloud saw her and was conquered.

She escapes from her captor. How? What happened to her life, to her unborn child? She did not know the real father from amongst the rapists? What kind of a life and struggle she went thru to raise her child? Both became victims of racialism in a western country.
After twenty years she sees one of her rapists again. Her and her son’s existence and life was threatened. What she did to protect herself and her son?


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