The Good Life: Matt and the General by Harry Katzan Jr.


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This is a collection of four adventures performed by Ashley, Matt, and the General, along with Anna — the retired college professor. The First Lady case is solved by Matt through inspiration and appropriate thinking. The book explores the Pandemic situation in the world with definitive information on the nature of the virus and what people in countries are doing about it. The book parallels the news service in this regard. The book goes international with a long look at foreign involvement and its relevance to the United States. Finally, Matt draws an incorrect assumption, that is remedied by the General and his military connections. The book involves remarkable air travel and the power of the President. Life in Washington, DC is involved, as is Zürich and all of its glamour. The underlying theme of the book is the power of the President and how things really get done. Other characters return including Amelia, as a double spy, and Sir Charles Bunday as a tough British officer.


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