The Jericho Wall (Chike Momah)


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Publication Date: 6/15/2018
B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm
Page Count: 246


This is a story of the Igbo Diaspora in America. It is a story of the cultural con icts that often arise when an Igbo youth falls in love with, and wants to marry, a non-Igbo. Okocha Anigbo, one of the two sons of Chief Nat and Lolo Ekemma Anigbo, meets and falls in love with an American girl, Tatiana Karefa, the daughter of Edna and Philip Karefa, a jovial and unapologetic Baptist. But Chief Anigbo, a well-respected Igbo community leader and vocal opponent of cross-cultural marriages, is bitterly and implacably opposed to his son’s plan to marry the American girl. Entreaties from his son, and even from one of the respected elders of the Igbo community, Chikezie Odogwu, fail to persuade him to change his position. For his part, Okocha sees the traditional and cultural underpinnings relating to the institution of marriage among the Igbo as a veritable Wall of Jericho that needs to be breached, to let the Igbo youth freely marry from outside the Igbo clan. In the teeth of Chief Anigbo’s opposition, but with the blessing of Philip Karefa, Okocha and Tatiana marry. e denouement comes with the birth of their child.