The Discovery: Adventures of Matt and The General by Harry Katzan Jr.


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The COVID-19 virus continues to ravage the World population. Every social event appears to increase the incidence of infected people.<br><br>The U.S.A. with three vaccines leads the world in preventative measures, vaccines, and medicines.<br><br>After one year of study, there are 3 main open items: where did the virus come from, who made them, and what is the purpose of the virus ? that is, if it is man-made.<br><br>If the origin of the virus is natural, how does it develop? Is the source biological, as from 2-inch bats that supposedly pass through Chinese fresh food markets, or is it a result of deforestation?<br><br>Another option is that the virus came from another galaxy, such as the Pinwheel Galaxy with a planet Zenex that is facing extinction.<br><br>Do UFOs have anything to do with the spread of a virus? UFOs supposedly have lights that can be used for reconnaissance.<br><br>Are there UFOs that do not have lights that function as robots and are guided with artificial intelligence, and drop the virus all over the World?<br><br>Do UFOs with no lights, developed with artificial intelligence, have anything to do with the spread of a virus, such COVID-19, all over the world at the same time?<br><br>As before, the team of Matt and the General, plus Ashley, Anna, and Sir Charles Bunday come to the rescue of the World through wisdom and resources. They save the day.<br><br>The adventures take the team to Russia to extract a mathematician and a virologist.<br><br>Related to the adventures of Matt and the General is the introduction of the SPACE FORCE.


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