The Debate: Religion OR Science?


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THE DEBATE is different! The Antagonists are recognised easily by font changes rather than by adhering to the usual means of continually setting in print who has “taken the floor” at any given point.

Arial—the Scientist—will state his case with force and vigour. His scientific expertise opens to view the amazing advances achieved by experiment, analysis and application in recent times. His knowledge of ancient data, read in the rock-face of the ages, should win The Debate. He discovers, to his surprise, that his opposing debater is indeed a worthy antagonist.

Bookman—the Theologian—responds to Arial by matching scientific fact with a faith based on trust. Arial is not impressed! However, he will find that the Bible holds more scientific data than he could have imagined!

The challenge is to find a harmony where both begin to listen, making it possible to strike a note that can satisfy the soul! These debaters will find themselves “climbing a mountain” by dramatically different routes. They bring opposing scenes to view but, in rounding a corner in altitude and attitude, will the debaters finally stand together at the summit?


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