The AIDS Covenant: Death by Government by Roy Harris


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Dr Owen Hughes didn’t and he was killed en route to London’s Heathrow Airport. His American colleague, Alan Milner waiting for him at his Sierra Nevada ski lodge also had his doubts, and like Owen Hughes he did not live long enough to express them. What was the conspiracy the Western governments were trying so hard to cover up? Who gave authority for government agents to assassinate medical researchers?

David Hughes a newspaper features editor in Edinburgh did not accept the finding of the coroner’s court following the post-mortem of his father. After an aborted attempt on his life to recover research notes his father had sent him, he sets of to California to visit Alan Milner’s medical research facility in San Francisco.

This brings him into contact with Susan, Alan Milner’s daughter, and Lieutenant Chang of SFPD who is also investigating a serial rapist and murderer operating in the Bay area.

The snow covered Sierra Nevada Mountains now play a large part in helping to bring both the Federal Agents and the Bay area murderer to book.


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