Tell Me about God Please by Donell McCollon


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This is a fictional Christion based story, which will give children and families a way out of everyday life and the problems that it may bring.

Out in the market today, there are all types of books and movies that portray wicked things such as witch craft, ghost and all sorts of monsters. On TV even the cartoon channels that are suppose to be safe for children to watch betray monsters, devils, evil doing and wicked ways.

There are millions and millions of Christians that want wholesome materials for their children and families to read and share. As the world recently found out with the movie, Passion of the Christ, a movie which dominated the box office, more and more people want to learn about Jesus.

All families need to learn about Jesus Christ and his word, versus all the evil and corruption in the world.

This short Christian story lets children and adults alike, know that whenever they have a problem, like being afraid of monsters, or being sick and lonely, they have somewhere to turn. This book will let them know that anyone can turn to Jesus instead of felling like there are no other options for them.

I hope this book will bring families closer together because now is the time for all families to come together and pray for one another. I want everyone to know, if you fear something all you have to do is turn to Jesus and he will get you through.


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