Bible Unraveled (Mark Lehman)

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Publication Date: 7/25/2019
B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm
Page Count: 386


This true life Biblical novel with a magnificent beginning and a dramatic ending is filled throughout it with what people seem to love to read in life with so many amazing stories including lots of sex, violence, murder and amazing true life miracles including a continual heart to heart conversation with God, you and me that will change your thinking and heart if you have an open mind so that you can be more Godly and blessed beyond your imagination.

Currently, there are about a dozen sects of Christianity cults with Catholics and Protestants being the top two, but there are dozens of belief branches in each one of those that believe differently. This is due to human influence for fame, power and wealth. All these sects and cults are teaching others Biblical falseness because Jesus preached only one way and His way is what I will teach you in this book from the start to the finish. I’m giving all profit from this book to charity so there’s no motivation for me to print anything, but the truth of Jesus.

If you’d like to learn some amazing information that I’m sure you’ve never been exposed to before then you should purchase this book and let it open your eyes, mind and heart to the real world, what it really is about, what’s happening in it and how you can play a big part in how to change it to help millions of others. You’ll be absolutely astonished at what you can accomplish and become in this world as a partner with God.

This book is a review of the Bible in Chronological Historical order in condensed simplified form that is easy, interesting and fun to read with many important world events, facts and truths with Godly meaningful insights that pertain to life today as well as the past and future with Godly advice in how to incorporate them into your life so you’ll be blessed beyond your imagination from God instead of suffering some of the negative consequences bought on by ignorance so you can eliminate some turmoil, frustration, depression, sadness, etc. in your life and fill it with happiness. God guarantees it for all even those with disabilities.

Mark Lehman past books are: “The Ways God Loves You”, “Fill Your Life with Love” and “Discover Truth”

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