Sing to Read!: letter names, letter sounds, color words, vowels, contractions, and punctuation for emergent readers (Deborah Ellis)


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Publication Date: 11/29/2018
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Page Count:90


As a retired first grade teacher and Reading Specialist, I have written many literacy songs that have been tremendously successful for my students. These songs teach the basic reading skills in an enjoyable and memorable way. This is not the typical, stiff, fillin- the-blanks phonics or language arts book where a skill is taught and forgotten when a page is completed. With these songs, the children do not forget, as they repeat them hundreds of times during their primary years.

Students learn letter names and sounds with memory practice by repeating tongue twisters and by singing the alphabet song (with a beat) to avoid the common problem of singing, “lmnop,” as one word. Songs teach letters and sounds, long and short vowel sounds, color words and a brief set of songs to introduce contractions and basic

May you learn and enjoy these as much as my students and I did.

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