Christian Zionism and the Scofield Reference Bible: A Critical evaluation of Dispensational Theology(David Lance Dean)


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Publication Date: 10/31/2018
B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm
Page Count:166


Christian Zionism and the Scofield Reference Bible is an extensive effort to expose major doctrinal and prophetic issues which are hidden by the numerous and mostly inaccurate notes imposed upon the reader or student of the theological system endorsed within the pages as additions to the Word of God. The distortions which are numerous in the headnotes and footnotes set forth within the text of the scripture bring contradictions to the true meaning of the scriptures. Their content of the notes present a snare to the sincere seeking believer and the doctrines taught by its expositors and proponents will lead that person into a very crafty and dangerous quagmire of confusion.

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