Science and Spirituality: Evidence of Life after Death


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This is the story of how an unseen world began to reveal itself to me in the years following the death of my son. It tells of the transformation I went through; how I was taken from viewing life through a lens which allowed me to see only the physical world to a vantage point where I was given a much broader view of our existence. I invite the reader to take the journey I found myself on; what for me was a paradigm shift in my understanding of life. This journey began at a point where my feelings were a mixture of hopelessness, deep sorrow and frustration. I began a search trying to find answers to the question of what lies behind our existence, and in particular to try to determine whether or not I would ever be with my son again. I am not a religious person, so I began to search for answers in a way that satisfied my scientific mentality and was surprised that, after a great deal of searching, both in the literature and in my own soul, the answers gradually began to appear. I discovered what for me is a new reality – a much better, far more interesting, and more cheerful one than I ever had before. Bill Kaspari is a retired engineer and businessman who now spends his time with family & friends, enjoying his grandchildren and competing in masters track while continuing to learn about new developments in the emerging field of paranormal science.


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