Run by Madelaine Sabrina Trotman


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We have finally come to the most important day of Bubba’s life. There was a party going on in the salon, where all were enjoying their celebratory cognac and cigar. They are enjoying their evening. As the guess were at the party, they could see that everyone was gathering together to pick Bubba ‘s brain. The biggest question of the evening is, Which case was the most spectacular of his career?”

Confidentiality was achieved for the most part to protect identities of the characters involved and Bill, who was an innocent victim, to the playing out the story — when he was asked to look over the project drawings and this came to pass that he was not supposed to see the drawings. So this is how it happened that Bill saw the most important that of what he was not supposed to be seen.

Mr. Price told Josh Hanley to get Mr. Fixer to start putting bugs and plant GPS in Bill ‘s car and hidden cameras.
So that ‘s where it takes off. Bill is at the wrong place at the wrong time, and he is trying to seek information from his old pal, Jimmy Hanrahan. Bill was thinking how to handle himself. What does he need to know as time goes? Bill needs to be patient and focus. The question Bill is asking himself is, who should he trust?

The RUN reveal themselves and very eerily; how safe is planet earth?



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