President Of Shames by Tom Rodrigues


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This is a documentary book to show the public that they voted for the wrong president, Mr. Donald Trump, who abused the trust of the American people. He lied thousands of times, announcing misinformation, misstatements, exaggerations, misleading, or flat-out lies. In addition, in his personal history and business ethics, he has over 3500 legal cases in the state and federal courts, many consisting of Income tax evasion, bankruptcy, and sexual harassment cases. All these data are factual and true documented as public records. Trump has told about 30,000 different lies, during his presidency, his favorite, being that he built the best economy in the world in less than 3 years. This lie was repeated 407 times. Trump mislead the public, with the Republican party’s support. Trump incited his followers to attack the Capital. He should be held responsible for Insurrection. Congress impeached him twice, Trump is not fit and should never hold office at any level ever again.


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