Space Gamble: Volume 3: Messiah (J. W. Delorie)


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Publication Date: 4/12/2018
B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm
Page Count: 340


Captain Donald Murray is a sixty nine year old black male and the Captain of the SS King David. Captain Murray was born and raised in California and studied at numerous colleges before entering into the Western Empires space fleet. He was recruited by the Terran Tribune to explore deep space through the command of their newest science vessel, the only requirement Donald Murray insisted on, was that he choose his own senior staff. The Terran Tribune agreed provided their new vessel was accompanied by a squad of marines, with the Solar Councils approval. After several deep space missions, Captain Murray received new orders, explore the unknown on the other side of the worm hole designated WH-12, however Captain Murray decided to stop at the well-known wagering station Neptune One for some rest and relaxation before proceeding with his orders. His interest in the Mech fights and Grav Ball games grew over the years, he also granted his First Officer Commander Hui Yan Li’s request for shore leave, the young Chinese woman was anxious to visit her twin sister Pastor Huiling Li before starting a mission that could last a lifetime. The patrons of Neptune One grew excited as Donald Murray announced the mission and intent of the Terran Tribune; they continued to grow more excited as he explained the garbled communications from the previous stealth droids that entered the wormhole and the presence of another habitable planet on the other side. Operator Kennith Jackson Furgis, sole proprietor of the wagering station Neptune One watched as the SS King David slowly moved away from his station to embark on their journey into the unknown, he wondered how it felt to become the first captain to explore beyond their own solar system.