Pandemic Story


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Matt and the General come to the aid of the President of the U.S. to solve a secret problem of national interest. A Russian mole in the U.S. is uncovered and it exposes the way they train international spies. The secret behind the pandemic is exposed. The Russian spy is relocated to an Ohio university. Ashley and Matt use constructive thinking and knowledge to solve the problem. Scenes and locations in Switzerlands are used. Fast airplanes and Marine One are employed. The President of the United States has a secret problem of major concern and Matt and the General are asked to help solve the problem. Through wit, knowledge, and ingenuity, the team assisted by Sir. Charles Bunday of England and the help of Ashley and Anna, solve the day and uncover the secret of the origin of the pandemic. In the process of solving the problem, knowledge of the virus and pandemic is uncovered. Knowledge, ingenuity, and hardwork are demonstrated as a way of solving complex societal problems. Knowledge always solves the day. Educated (college professors) people are necessary for adequate problem solving. The easiest solution is often the best solution.


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