ORIGIN OF THE THEORY THAT TAKES YOU TO HELL: Why the Theory of Natural Selection is a Loaded Gun


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THIS BOOK is holy men’s response to the theory of natural selection and the concept of survival of the fittest.

WE HUMANS ARE like sheep in one aspect of our behaviour. We have to be shepherded by something or someone. Some people are shepherded by theories or ideology others are shepherded by religious teachings. What we choose to follow or ignore then comes to shape our fortunes and misfortunes.

There once lived a boy called Thaddaeus who grew to become a very rare teacher. He taught chemistry regularly and taught biology on occasions. All pupils that came under his tutelage said he was the best of the best.

One day, upon stumbling on dangers associated with the theory of natural selection, Thaddaeus vowed to God that he would not teach biology ever again. Covid killed the school’s only remaining biology teacher days after Thaddaeus made his vow. A-level students about to take their final exams therefore had no one to teach them the subject.

Many of the A-level students wanted to study medicine at the top universities. To achieve that feat, they would need to pass their exams in chemistry, biology and physics or maths with flying colours. The school’s principal failed to find a new biology teacher in time so he turned to Thaddaeus for help. Thaddaeus would not break his vow and teach biology again. He would also not reveal the reasons behind his vow unless he’s hurled before the school’s board of governors.

The school principal’s wife became mad with Thaddaeus and wanted to force him to change his decision. She felt Thaddaeus had disrespected and humiliated her husband and inflicted wounds on her family. She was a high priestess of the concept of survival of the fittest and the theory of natural selection. So she decided to take matters into her own hands and teach Thaddaeus a lesson behind her husband’s back.

Unbeknown to the principal’s wife, Thaddaeus was being aided by a dream. Thaddaeus foresaw through a dream what six plotters had in store for him. So he started preparing for battle with the help of a brilliant lawyer.

A battle between followers of the theory of natural selection and a believer in the teachings of Christ ensued. A complacent nation soon came to be stunned by the corruption and treachery that it revealed and the deaths that followed in their wake



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