Once A Victim Now A Victor by Michael C. Brantley


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Michael’s entire life was surrounded by the words, “you will never amount to anything,” “your life is a waste,” “what good are you,” and “you will never make it.” But, nothing can stop his determination and vision of Hope.

As a small child, Michael was suddenly thrown into a world of self-rejection, stripping him of his innocence. Michael refused to surrender, and instead focused on his vision of Hope. Knowing the mystery of life to fulfill his dreams would become understood.

After twenty-two long years, the vision of Hope becomes reality. Hope now consumed this young man to give the strength he needed to overcome the next years of life.

Michael’s journey has and still wins the respect of so many others, both young and old. Proving against all odds he is someone, though he couldn’t do it on his own, and in the end, he did make it.

Michael’s life is a true, touching, and miraculous story of perseverance, an unforgettable experience, exposing the mystery and the vision of Hope through the life of a determined man.



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