OM DARA NDU: Has Christ Returned as Promised? by Dr. Emeka Ude


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Two thousand years ago, when the announcement came that Jesus was the Messiah, the Jewish religious leaders became indignant and consequently rejected him. As far as they were concerned, Elijah had not physically returned; none of the Messianic prophesies had been fulfilled. But…, they were dead wrong! Jesus truly, was the Messiah.

Today, Christians are expecting Jesus to physically descend from the sky on His Second Coming. Aren’t they repeating the same mistakes of the past?

On 9 th April, 1997, DARA NDU announced to the world through the ABS (TV), Nigeria, that He is the prophesied and long-awaited Savior, The Christ. That He took human form in Igboland of Nigeria. Has Christ already returned in an unexpected way? Has God appeared to humanity again, with a new name?

OM DARA NDU is an autobiography that x-rays the birth, early childhood, teachings, miracles and glorious appearances of Dara Ndu.


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