Adventure in Industry


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I hope this book will provide some insight into my experiences of working in the weapons manufacturing industry.

Contrary to popular belief well engineered military system can be impressive to the onlooker as well as can limit the turmoil around the world. If men are detrermined to fight anything that comes to hand can serve as a weapon. The by products of the weapon such as safety of transportation, medical, machinery etc. as well as enable the companies involved to provide employment to their own and many sub-contracting companies. A well engineered ship, aeroplane etc. can be just as much an item of beauty and satisfaction as any picture or sculpture in a gallery.

If you are luck enough like me to fina and enter an occupation that provides fulfillment this can not only provide an income but also pleasure, interest, comradeship and a lifetime of rewarding experiences.

My career has been a switch back ride, up, down, good, bad, however bad things can get there is always something to lighten up and laugh about.Something I have done I should regret but don’t, nothing has ever been malicious just in the consideration of conscience, fair play and fun.


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