My Life’s Journey by Ursula Parrent


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The youngest of four children, author Ursula H. Parrent was born in 1942 in Germany at the height of World War II, one of the worst times in world history. In My Life’s Journey, she shares her trials, tribulations, and joys along with her perseverance to overcome obstacles with tenacity and determination.

In this memoir, she narrates the struggles and turmoil of growing up against the backdrop of World War II and its ugly aftermath. Parrent provides details of her parents and her siblings and how they shaped her life. My Life’s Journey offers a chronological rendering of her life journey that includes her marriages, her immigration to the United States, and how she learned to adapt to a new home and a new language.

Parrent tells a story of hard work and determination and how faith in the future carried her from the darkness to the wonders of life and love—sometimes lost, sometimes regained, but always worth the battle.


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