If I Die Before I Wake: A Caregiver’s Journey (Eli Shaw)


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Publication Date: 3/21/2019
B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm
Page Count:368


It all began in 1958 when I was ten. A young family had just moved into the neighborhood. One sunny summer day while I was sitting on the steps to my house, a young boy came up to me and rolled his ball to my feet. With the sun in my face I said hi and rolled it back. He ran off. A few days later he did it again. I eventually became friends with him. I told my mom that a Chinese family had moved into the neighborhood and their son, Charlie, was my new friend. She said, bring him over for supper. I did and after supper he left and my mom told me a story about people who have something called “Mongoloidism”, now Down Syndrome. I became his mentor to protect him from the bullies and I got beat up more than he did. He suddenly left and I vowed that I would do something in my life that would change that bullying attitude. This book is about the sixty years since that time where I made good on my vows. It is a group of chapters that comprise the ah ha moments in my journey as a caregiver all over the world. I hope you enjoy and are enlightened by my story.

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