Monday’s Edition (Paul Lawrence)


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Publication Date: 4/30/2018
B&W 5 x 8 in or 203 x 127 mm
Page Count: 300


Martin Adams is a single man that lives in a small East Texas town. He is an IT professional (information technology) – a computer expert. He works at four different banks by contract – three or four days a week. That is his first passion. His second passion is gambling on college and professional football. He started betting in the early 1980’s and has not stopped. Not only did he bet with bookies from his home, but he has been to Las Vegas many times in 20 years. He has bet at sports books in Vegas and played all the casino games. He finally quit going to Las Vegas and just concentrated on betting from his home. Some years he would win and some years he would lose. Martin fully explains the basics of football and betting. On opening day of the professional football season one year, he discovered an incredible secret advantage that enabled him to win any pro game he bet on. A secret so powerful, that he could not bet with any of his usual bookies – they would eventually cut off. His only choice was to return to the gambling capitols of the world – Las Vegas and Reno. He would increase his bets to the extent that could make him a multi-millionaire in one season. And that is what he did. What he did not know, that there were the many problems he would face with this choice. He also includes some history of Las Vegas, the dam, and how the ‘strip’ started. After several weeks, he got on the casino’s ‘black list’, because he always won. Due to the transparency of the Internet, he came to be known as ‘the man who never loses’. They could not figure it out. Word got out to casinos all over the state of Nevada. Consequently, he was banned from many casinos. He was accused of cheating and knowing the scores of games in advance (they were getting close). They would throw many roadblocks in his way, but he was able to sidestep them almost every time, due to disguising himself and the help of his friends, who would make his bets. Early in the season, he met Sara at a casino in Las Vegas. Sara, was visiting Vegas with her friends and actually lived in a town about 60 miles from Martin’s home in East Texas. They became friendly. Eventually this friendship grew into love. Sara changed Martin’s life completely. After several weeks of his friends betting for him, he discovered a method of making himself virtually invisible to the casinos. By doing this, he could return to betting himself. Every time he went, he used this method to hide himself. But, he still ran into some problems. As the weeks went by and the play-offs started, betting and collecting became easier. He took his advantage and Sara all the way to the final game of the year – the biggest betting day of the year for Las Vegas. Football was now over and Martin started having withdrawal symtoms, just like he did every year after the last game. But he knew football would start again in six months. Martin and Sara got married the next week-end. They now live at Martin’s home in East Texas. Martin continues to gamble on football games, but without his advantage. He finally figured out why and how this all happened.