Look Where He Brought Me : From Darkness to Light (William Bradley)


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Publication Date: 5/21/2020
Trim Size: 5 x 8 (203mm x 127mm)
Page Count: 120


There was a man in a deep, deep hole; it seemed impossible for him to get out. He cried for help, but those who heard him either didn’t or couldn’t help him. They prayed for him, but the poor man couldn’t get out until one day a brother came along who jumped down into the hole too. The man in the hole said, “Brother, why did you jump down here? Now you are stuck down here with me”. But the brother said, “I jumped down here because I was in this hole not too long ago, and I know a secret way out”. William Bradley was once the man in the hole. Now free, he offers to lend a strong hand to others with Look Where He Brought Me From. Bradley grew up in New York, spending all his money on fast cars and faster women-and then he caught his big break in the late sixties NYC music scene. With the hard partying and easy money, Bradley seemed destined for an early grave like so many talented, promising young people. Then he started listening to the messages God had been sending him throughout his life. Now in his seventieth year and the prime of his life, Bradley reflects on how the blessing and favor of the Lord let him overcome his many obstacles, and how through following the path God has set for us, we can find success without sacrificing our dreams.