The Tingling: My Story of a Living Harmonic Form (Ph. D. Alexandra Porter)


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Publication Date: 1/15/2020
Standard Color 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm
Page Count: 318


In this book is the story of the evolving Soul of a humble woman and the experiences of her daily living. This book is an account of the woman’s life, her dreamlike visions and the human experiences that changed her life.

The woman was clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient in an illusion that resembles a dreamlike vision. In her daily living was an invisible force that she credited for her dreamlike visions. In her life and her experiences, she was in touch with this invisible force, which she called The Harmonic. She used these physical senses in her God-given spiritual faculty of direct knowing to illustrate her story; as she followed a path in her life that took her to a complete Soul evolution.

In the dreamlike visions the woman saw her daily events and their interpretations before they occurred. Her daily events were her visions. In each event was a problem that she needed to heal. They were to explain a myth and to challenge the life she was leading. The stories in this book are focused on the thought- forms that were given to the woman in her dreamlike visions, and how she explained the thought forms and the invisible force behind them. Through a series of dreamlike visions, the woman arrived at a point in space in which she found herself faced with herself.

This process of healing was her life, and it became the woman’s major event. In this process of healing and evolving, her problems and her relationships were intending to heal a psychic myth. By actually walking through each of her daily events and experiencing the problems first-hand, the life of this woman was changed and transformed into a peaceful life. At the end of this relationship her life became the same as her dreamlike visions and her psychic myths were healed.

This book is written for those who want to heal themselves and are searching for a method or cure. It will show the reader how our thought-forms are created. The stories contained within this book are almost surreal. They take the reader upon a journey of moving thought-forms that may change their lives. The author gives a pictorial understanding of how thought-forms create our reality. In this unique method of communication is a complete account of the way the author consciously dreamt. In addition, she tells the story of how she relates to life in a unique and humble manner.

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