The Kahuna and I: A Remarkable True Hawaiian Story (Victoria Kapuni)


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Publication Date: 4/30/2020
B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm
Page Count: 288


How does a Philadelphia debutant, refined in manners of high society, overcome great personal storms, follow her spiritual path, and find the love of her life (the great, great, great grandson of King Kamehameha III) in Molokai, Hawaii? He knew her spirit even if he could hardly speak her language and had been ‘raised up’ in a grass shack on the beaches of Oahu, diving off cliffs, living off the ocean, warding off environmental offenders as a political activist protecting the islands and guarding the ways of his people only as a Kahuna can.

They wove a rich fabric of diverse colors throughout their marriage by searching out ways to blend their two cultures through their mutual respect and love for one another. They shared and practiced their spiritual knowledge, lived a traditional Hawaiian lifestyle and fought off, like in a “Melagro Bean Field War” a Singapore global conglomerate that wanted to develop 200 pristine acres of shoreline that would change the subsistence way of living on this small Hawaiian island. This is their true Hawaiian story.