Jesse, Son of God by ROD MARTIN


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“Jesse, Son of God” is a spoof on the story of Job with a twist. This time the Devil tells God, “Sure Jesus loved you. He knew he was your Son. But I’ll bet you, if you have another Son and you don’t tell him of his divinity, then he couldn’t find you with a map.” So, being a sporting sort, the Lord agrees to the wager. Now it’s up to Satan to lead Jesse (God’s second son) away from the straight and narrow path, which isn’t all that difficult since Jesse is easily distracted by girls, drugs, fishing and life in a Hawaiian paradise. However, just when the Prince of Darkness thinks he’s won the bet, Jesse finds some way to express his love for God: a poem, a kind deed, an encounter with sharks. You’ll enjoy experiencing life with Jesse, from his early days as a Kindergarten Casanova, to his contemplative Grandpa years when he realizes the more he knows, the more he knows he doesn’t know. In between that time, Jesse will nearly burn down his town, escape from Moonie camp, call in a bomb scare to this church, fall in love a lot and prove he’s more sinner than saint.


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