HOW TO KILL A GOLIATH: David’s Secret Revealed by Austin Romanus


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HOW TO KILL A GOLIATH is a challenging and inspiring book from Austin Romanus, it has the capacity to transform you from being dissident over your personal problems and that of others to being audacious by the power of the Holy Spirit. The whole world is looking for a David to kill a certain Goliath, and you may be the one. You have never read anything like it before, where the story of David, the son of Jesse, and a man called Goliath from Gath was perfectly incorporated into the day to day affairs of the world. What Goliath represents in your personal, family, organizational, national, and international life and what David’s killing of Goliath means and what God intended to teach the whole world through that experience is the reason why you must read this book. It is not just God’s word for you and your family, but God’s word to the whole world. Every goliath in your life, family, organization, nation, and in this world would fall and die at the instance of the glorious power of Jesus Christ when a David like step out against it.


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