Her Last Words To Pinky (Trena Davis)


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Being a woman and being a mother is hard, especially when you are raising 10 kids of your own and having a husband who was not willing to be there at all times in addition to the assault that was done. She still walked with her head held high with heels on stilettos and that beautiful smile on her face. Nothing could completely get her down. She will talk the talk and walk the walk, never letting anything get in her way. What a remarkable

I’ve always mimicked you. I too, walk with my head held high and I smile every time I think of the times we’ve shared together. I miss you momma and I always will. You’re my sunshine every morning and my thoughts at night. This book is for you and my big brother Samuel who passed will read it in spirit. And my big sister, Ramona, and sister-in-law, Audrey. Thanks for helping in raising me, and my siblings. I love you all and I’m forever grateful.


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