A Canadian Crime by Ion Pavel Puiu


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The book is intended to help the Canadian Justice System to wake up , to try to adopt their activities to the reality, making very new, unexpected improvements and to surprised anyone through right kind of Justice.

Now the Canadian Justice needs to stop punishing very fast any man special new commers because their wife’s or girls’ friend decided to change their life style, looking for new men, new partners. So easy and unfair that a wife to decided to love new guys since she just decided.

A family is really a very strong screen, wall to protect the kids, to help the kids to have a permanent equilibrium, to help kids to be happy, not to suffers so much, to feel so courageous, so strong, not to change their nice life ,so normal life to became so timid , so scare, so unoriented, because the consequences are so destructive in psychological plane and social plane.

You Canadian Justice System why IGNORE the BIG DRAMA any kid is feeling for any mother or father separation? Do you have the minimum idea the real drama a kid is forced to experience, and so many, serious major huge consequences are to live from that time?


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