Espionage in Academia


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Espionage in Academia is a work of fiction and should be interpreted as nothing more than entertainment. The characters, places, events, and incidents are a result of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual events and things is purely coincidental. The London City Airport actually exists, as does the Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel on Russell Square in London, that is used as a point of rendezvous and a safe house. The zum Storchen Hotel, the James Joyce pub, and the Zeughauskeller restaurant are exceptions. They are a grand representation of excellent Swiss culture.

There are too many character names to mention that each one does not represent an actual person. The most readily seen character names in the book are William Ashford, Dalton Small, John Walliser, Matt Miller, Les Miller, Pat McGinty, and Alton Fuller. There are others in the text. Coincidentally, persons with those names may exist somewhere in the world, but the author is not aware of them.

Finally, the name Ashford College does not exist nor does its characterization. It is possible that an element of espionage, such as described herein, actually did take place in the real world, but the author does not know about it.

The author would like to acknowledge the assistance of his wife Margaret in the preparation of the manuscript, and their daughter Kathy for her loyal support and some excellent ideas. You guys are the best!


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