Everything is Good by Harry Katzan Jr.


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In this novel, as in the previous stories in the series involving Matt and the General, with the assistance of their associates and friends, combine their efforts to make the world good and solve important problems that involve the safety of the United States, along with problems in the domestic arena. In this instance. the book is set in the beautiful area of middle New Jersey, the United States in general, and in several foreign countries.

As in the previous novels, Matt Miller, who has a PhD degree from a prestigious university, and uses mathematical thinking and solid logic, along with the organizational ability of General Les Miller, his grandfather, to solve several major problems, recognized by the President and the Intelligence Director of the United States, as well as two local problems that require the wisdom of the team.

In this set of episodes, the action includes a governmental kidnapping, the problems of the military situation with China, the General’s affairs, and two interesting local situations. Throughout, the activity uses the ability of Sir Charles Bunday, the General’s war buddy, and the knowledge and experience of General Mark Clark, the President of the United States , and three important women including Ashley, who is Matt’s wife, Anna, who is the General’s wife, and Ann, who is General Clark’s wife. Sounds like an interesting team.

The scene changes rapidly, but always in the scope of no violence, no sex, and no bad language. The book typifies the conventional “beach” read in that the subject matter can be read as four separate stories.

This is the fourteenth book in the Matt and the General series. The characters assume their dynamic personalities as in previous tales.


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