DEBE-DIE: The Children Too Young To Die by Michael Siaway A.K.A Zlando


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Children Too Young To Die – A story of bitterness, greed and revenge.

In the book, ” Children Too Young To Die,” Michael gives readers a glance into the cause of the civil war of Liberia and how innocent young children were influenced to fight. Innocent young children were armed with guns to kill their parents; slit the bellies of pregnant women to settle a bet on the sex of the fetus in the womb. Children were persuaded under false impressions that the more they kill the famous they would become…they would get higher ranks and sit in higher positions. The idea of people too old to fight influencing innnocent young boys and girls too young to die to fight war is evil and heartless.

In Children Too Young To Die, Michael G. Siaway explains that the fourteen year civil war killed thousands of innocent children including pregnant women and babies. It caused thousands of civilians to flee to neighboring countries. In this book, Michael expresses his dislike for war and its grue-some effects on a nation and its people.


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