Death To Moby Dick: A Love Story (Stephen Melillo)


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Publication Date: 10/28/2020
Trim Size: 8.5 x 11 in or 280 x 216 mm
Page Count: 296


“The echoey sounds of stretching and cracking ice filled the inlet. The surround had become an arena, an eternal, unearthly battleground. The white whale broke the surface slowly. Inching forward, it broke the ice ahead of its brow, sending mountainous shards into the starry night.”

“It’s just another damned hill,” said Carney.

In love with Melville’s Moby Dick, I wrote a prequel beginning with the American Revolution. Ahab, a Love Story, is a romantic adventure describing and humanizing the boy, the son, the lover, and the crushed soul who became Ahab. Upon its completion, a sequel to Moby Dick “beckoned me.”

What became of the Rachel’s survivor(s), of Melville, of the white whale? Meet Carney, Isaiah, Isaac and Irene. Fall in love with them. Death to Moby Dick, a Love Story, is a novel from my heart to yours. The saga continues from the American Revolution to the beginnings of the first World War. If you are a fan of Real History, of Adventures on the High Seas, of Melville’s Moby Dick… and of Love, both these books are a must-read.


“…a captivating love story and an adventurous tale of mankind’s struggle against sin and evil.The writing style is lyrical and noble. The characters are large and epic. If you like history and 19th Century novels, you’ll be sure to enjoy this one.

– Leah Shepherd, Hollywood Book Reviews

“The way the author effortlessly takes you back in time, throughout the American Revolution to even the first World War, while also giving you an entirely new story based off a much-loved novel that has stood the test of time, is something which is rare and needs to be celebrated.Pick up your copy you’ll be glad you did!”

– Aly Avina, Pacific Book Review

“Fans of the original Moby Dick will appreciate that this book maintains the “madness, the frenzy, the boiling blood and the smoking brow” adventure.The romantic storyline will also satiate those craving a thrilling love story. In other words, this book has something for everyone.”

-Nicole Yurcaba, The US Review of Books